Alice Huang

I was born in Taiwan but was raised in Vancouver, where I grew up immersed in both East-Asian and Western cultures. My learning and self-acceptance process was an enriching journey and I developed a fascination for cultures and all its intertwining themes. I discovered the discipline of Anthropology in my first year at SFU where I completely fell in love with its explorations and went on to complete my Undergraduate Degree in Anthropology. I believe our society is complex, layered, and abstract in so many ways and requires a complex and layered approach in order to fully understand many issues. I love critically analyzing the dynamics of social organization and investigating factors of abstract issues such as racism, intersectional marginalization, and the power of human acceptance and connection.

I love Nido’s emphasis on shaping the individual strengths of every child and providing an open learning process. I am excited everyday at Nido because I get the opportunity to provide support for teachers and children, and connect with diverse groups of people to increase my understanding of different perspectives and needs. I believe learning should be a continuous process in life and I am grateful to be involved with a school that values teamwork, critical thinking, and innovation.

I am a huge vegetable lover and could eat a simple plate of stir-fry cauliflower, asparagus, broccoli, and bamboo shoots everyday.

I would love to be able to heal living things instantly. Many wounds and illnesses cannot be seen physically and I want to be able to heal all forms of trauma, disorders, and sickness.

I enjoy playing Ultimate (frisbee), singing broadway songs dramatically, discussing the awesomeness of anything Harry Potter with my sister, hanging out with my favourite people, and playing with all my friends’ dogs.