Alice Huang (She/Her)

Administrative and Operations Manager

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I love learning from them! Children have such fresh and open-minded perspectives on life and they remind me to rethink my own biases and assumptions.

You are enough. This reminds me that we all bring uniqueness to the table, and we all have inherent value just for being ourselves.

Small acts of kindness inspire and motivate me! This could be a smile from a stranger or an unexpected hug from a friend. Kindness is a choice. I always appreciate when others show kindness, so I always try my best to show empathy and create a safe place for the people around me.

I’m not great at cooking so I like preparing food with loved ones. One of my favourite dishes is Taiwanese hot pot with as many vegetables as possible and satay sauce on the side! It’s a magical feeling to gather with loved ones around a big pot of delicious broth, pass around ingredients, and chat about anything and everything. Food connects us all!

Singing karaoke with my friends and family, running, drawing, going for walks, and geeking out on nerdy things like musicals, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings.