Carly Golinski

Carly Golinski

Having been born and raised in Vancouver, I have a deep love for the outdoors and feel most at home by the ocean! I love to beach-comb, swim and read by the seaside. I am also happiest in the company of my family and friends, gathering to enjoy meals together, or going on adventures outdoors.

For as long as I can remember I have had a passion for working with children. I suppose this began in my teens when I babysat for my neighbours and family friends. I then spent many summers working at a summer camp in the Howe Sound and loved working with the “littles”. Soon after, I became a Nanny and over the course of 8 years I worked full-time in private childcare, creating many lasting bonds with the children and families I cared for. I always knew I wanted to work professionally with children, and eventually my passion lead me to pursue my Early Childhood Care and Education Diploma at Capilano University, with a Specialization in Infant/Toddler Education.

I really believe in building strong attachments with the children in my care. I think that connecting through humour and a sense of openness and respect for children’s individual needs and lived experiences creates a positive space for living and learning. I am inspired by Reggio and Inquiry-based learning pedagogies, and always strive to approach curriculum as a living inquiry with children, encouraging emergent meaning-making and long-term inquiries.

I love working with children because I love to see and live life through their unique lens of childhood. I am continuously amazed by children’s curiosity and sense of wonderment and their ability to attune to their surroundings in ways in which I sometimes think we forget to as adults. When I am in the company of children, I am inspired to be a partner in their learning and exploration- co-constructing together, and making meaning of the world around us.

I think I am a far better baker than a cook, though I do enjoy cooking as well. Baking is so methodical- a chemistry really. I love to bake cookies, simple as they may be, and I make some SERIOUSLY delicious chocolate chip cookies.

I would love to be able to time travel. I often become lost in thought about what it would be like to live in a different time or generation – or just be a fly on the wall!

My favourite pastime is cycling and I love being on my bicycle! Whether it is commuting to work, a ride to a beach or park with friends, or cycle touring, I am always happy on the saddle. Over the past few summers I have really enjoyed cycle touring the Gulf Islands. I love to camp as well, so I pack all of my gear on my bike and in panniers, and off I go. The feeling of knowing my body got me there is priceless!