Xuchen Chang (Chris) (She/Her)


I enjoy working with children because I love the way they look at the world. I love seeing them grow and witnessing everything they’ve learnt, as well as how amazed they are at the things around them. That’s why I chose to be an Early Childhood Educator.

I believe that every child is unique. I show respect to children at all times and treat them equally. As an educator, we need to be careful what we are teaching children because they are like sponges absorbing everything that is happening around them, whether that’s positive or negative. I make sure to offer my help and assistance on time to ensure their safety. Also, I believe designing learning activities and art crafts based on children’s levels and interests help them learn and explore.

Working with children reminds me how wonderful and exciting the world can be. I love seeing things from their perspectives; I feel this helps me to be a happier and more positive person. Children also encourage me to use my imagination and be more creative.

I am a big fan of cooking. I like to cook for my family and friends. One of my favourite dishes is spicy hot pot!

“The best way to make children good is to make them happy.” – Oscar Wilde