Connie Merai (She/Her)


I am a proud Vancouverite, born and raised in South Vancouver. I have three wonderful children, two daughters and a son. My post-secondary education includes a BA from UBC, an AMI Primary certification and ECE Diploma. My work experience includes 16 years of retail management, sales, store-operations and training with one of North America’s most successful retail fashion brands. After enrolling my first daughter in a Montessori program, I became very interested in the methodology and educational approach. This led me to research the philosophy, and I quickly knew I wanted to pursue a career in Education. My passion for training and development curated through my work experience further inspired me to nurture our future- preschool-aged children. My mother once told me that I have been teaching since I became an older sister (at the age of 2) and always wanted to share my knowledge with my younger siblings. I was fortunate to take on a role as a trainer at the age of 18, and found it incredibly rewarding to see people learn, grow and develop. When I learned how critical a child’s experience in their early years was to their future cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development, I made the decision to change my career and become an early-years teacher. Knowing how critical childhood education is in the development of the individual, and for society as a whole, makes me feel that I am supporting these children to be positive and contributing members of society. 

Every child is unique in their own way, and my hope is to make a small but influential difference in each and every one of my students’ lives. My personal teaching style depends on the child, and I try my best to be flexible and customize my approach based on their particular needs. Children are always watching the teachers in the classroom, and I feel modeling character traits such as kindness, honesty, manners and courtesy to others will be reflected in the children. I also feel it is critically important that each child feels loved, cared for, secure, and welcome in their school environment, no matter who they are.

I absolutely love seeing children learn and accomplish anything. The facial and emotional expressions are just moments of pure joy. Every day is different, and I find working with young children incredibly entertaining; children are hilarious, and they make me laugh every day!

I love making Palasinta on the weekends, an authentic Hungarian thin crepe with assorted savory and sweet toppings.  My personal favourite includes cheese, ham and mushrooms with a cup of English breakfast tea, DE-LICIOUS!

I love to travel to anywhere I have not been to before, as I enjoy learning about new cultures, peoples, foods and histories. Our family recently had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend 3 months travelling across 8 different countries and 20+ cities throughout Europe.  It was the most amazing adventure of my life, and reinforced the already strong family bond my husband and I have with our children.