Gabriela Fisken

I love to travel, and taught in Bermuda, Greece and Montreal before returning to my roots in British Columbia. Teaching in different countries has helped me open myself to the endless possibilities experience and context provide, as well as witness universal human truths across cultures. I received my AMI Primary certification and Early Childhood Educator Diploma here in Vancouver, completed my Bachelors of Education in Montreal and my Masters in Special Education at UBC. These different perspectives on the philosophy, history and purpose of Education has strengthened my passion and commitment to creating and sustaining innovative, responsive learning environments for our youngest citizens.

I have always wanted to be a teacher, and started practicing early by playing school with my little sisters! I will always be grateful to my own teachers who had such a lasting impact on my life. They left such an impression on me about the positive effect that care, patience and guidance can have on a young mind. I initially wanted to teach in Elementary school, but when I discovered Maria Montessori and the Montessori pedagogy, there was no turning back!

I love to have fun with the children, and use my sense of humour to engage and challenge them. I bring a genuine curiosity and love of learning into the classroom, and enjoy learning alongside them. I encourage them to hypothesize and deepen their understanding of their world through hands-on-learning with concrete experiences. If we provide the space, time and freedom for children to express their ideas and curiosities, the opportunities for learning are endless! Sometimes, the most important teaching we can provide for them is to simply engage with them, truly listen to their thought process and ask them questions to encourage them to go deeper. I believe we learn more profoundly when we are connected to what we are learning and when we are able to co-construct our knowledge.

Children are compelled to be honest and true to their nature, and this is my absolute favourite thing about being alongside them on their journey. I have laughed out loud countless times at their candour and am constantly reminded about what really matters in life when I am in their presence. They remind me to slow down, and focus on the simplicity and beauty in life.

I love my cauliflower tacos and could eat them everyday- if only my family would allow it!

I would love to be able to communicate in every language and dialect. Language is such an incredible conductor for building relationships and understanding.

I love to snowboard, and am lucky to live so close to world class mountains! Travelling is still my all time favourite pastime, and I am constantly in awe of our gorgeous and varied world. I love to discover a cool coffee shop in a new city, town or country and watch the world go by!