Gabriela Fisken (She/Her)

Head of School

Children are compelled to be honest and true to their nature, and that is my absolute favourite thing about being alongside them on their journey. I have laughed out loud countless times at their candour and am constantly reminded about what really matters in life when I am in their presence. They remind me to slow down, and linger in the magic and beauty of life.

I hope they remember me as someone who made them laugh, and was always there to hold space for them when they were feeling big emotions. If they remember me for my rhyming skills, that would be a bonus!

I would love to own a little shop where I can curate a collection of vintage goodies and locally made one-of-a-kind pieces to share with the community. I love spending time getting lost in the corners of places like these on my travels and imagine it would be a great way to meet some interesting people! It would also be the perfect excuse to travel the world in search of treasures!

I would love to be able to communicate in every language and dialect. Language is such an incredible conductor for building relationships and understanding.

I love to spend time with my sons, snuggling with a favourite book, exploring a new bend in the river, or spending an afternoon splashing through puddles. We are so lucky to live so close to world class mountains, and I look forward to getting my sons up on skis next season so we can carve out new family traditions in the great outdoors! Travelling is still my all time favourite pastime, and I am constantly in awe of our gorgeous and varied world. I love to discover a cool coffee shop in a new city, town, or country, and watch the world go by!