Jennifer Budiarto (She/Her)

Brand and Communications Manager

Children continue to inspire me on a regular basis. Their imagination and spontaneity are something that I aspire to apply to my daily life. Children often come up with perspectives that I’ve never considered before that really open up my mind. There can never be a boring day with them. Full of love.

When I was in kindergarten, I remember my mom asking me what I wanted to be when I grew up. Looking back, it’s quite interesting because my answer was I wanted to be a teacher. During my early teenage years, I also aspired to be a Broadway actress, then moved on to wanting to be a flight attendant and eventually wanting to work in the fashion industry. Through every stage of my dream jobs, I guess my aspirations of wanting to be a teacher never went away. I think that working for Nido is really a dream come true for me as it allows me to combine dreams of working in a field I am passionate about in an environment I love.

I grew up surrounded by amazing women. My grandmother is a patient human being who is the glue of the family. She has a calming and positive energy and always wants to serve the family. My aunt is a successful career woman who is equally successful at taking care of her family. My step-mom has been through many hardships in her life, but she continues to survive and exude strength through it all. Lastly, my mom has the biggest heart of any human being I know. I aspire to be half the person they are. I hope I can make them proud by being an authentic version of myself.

I would love to be a mind-reader. This superpower would enable me to better understand people and to see the world from different perspectives. In turn, I would be able to help people, cater to their needs, and offer support in whatever way they need.

I love to travel. I arrived in Canada in the beginning of 2021 and due to the pandemic, I haven’t been able to travel too far outside of the city. I’ve absolutely loved my time getting to know the city, going sightseeing, eating good food, having a picnic in the parks while taking beautiful pictures and look forward to continuing to explore!