Jeslyn Lim (She/Her)


I have always enjoyed teaching and wanted to be a teacher since I was young. After experimenting with different career options in my early adulthood, from being a plumber to a 3D animation artist, I decided to work as a nanny. I found a new sense of joy being alongside the children that I cared for, which unveiled my passion for not just teaching but also learning and growing with children. I chose to be an educator because I want to make a positive and lasting impact on each of the children’s lives, and hopefully their futures.

I love spending quality time with children as we build our relationships. Working with children allows the opportunity for me to learn something new every single day, sometimes about myself. They show me different perspectives of life through their wonder and they teach me to slow down and appreciate the little things and moments.

Remembering that I have the ability to make somebody’s day better, that I can put a smile on someone’s face, and that all that I give will be given to more people.

My superpower would be to teleport or fly. I would love to be able to go anywhere and everywhere, whenever I want so I could experience all the different cultures in the world. It would also allow me to visit my loved ones who are far away from me.

I love spending time with family and friends, especially over food and drinks. I also love trying out different restaurants and desserts with my partner. In the summer, I enjoy hiking the beautiful mountains of British Columbia and biking all over the city. But most importantly I love cuddling with my two fur babies!