Michelle Lam (She/Her)

Administrative Coordinator

The first thing that comes to mind is when they say funny things which make me smile. I admire children’s authenticity, and this is something I continue to learn through working with them. Witnessing their growth and learning through our activities together is always fulfilling, in addition to playing a role in helping them discover their unique talents.

The journey is more important than the destination.

To me, an inspiring environment is where people are genuinely happy to support each other and develop meaningful connections. Opportunities to learn about topics I’m interested in and apply my strengths are also motivating factors for me.

I really enjoy cooking and spend a lot of time testing out recipes at home. I tend to cook something different each time because I crave variety, but some of my favourite dishes I’ve made are lemongrass chicken and Thai curry.

Travelling is one of my favourite experiences because I love being immersed in different cultures and observing the stunning natural and built environments around the world. I think that engaging with people who have different backgrounds and experiences allows us to become more open-minded and inclusive. In my hometown, Vancouver, I like taking walks around different neighbourhoods and discovering scenic places. Trying different cuisines is another passion of mine and I’m fortunate to live in such a multicultural city where there are so many delicious options! Last but not least, I enjoy spending quality time with close ones.