Minami Yamazoe

I was born and raised in Okinawa Island, Japan. Before I came to Canada, I worked at a bank for 4 years. In Okinawa Island, there are many Americans but, while I worked at the bank, I struggled to communicate with them. This was the reason I decided to come here and study English. After I graduated from a language school here, I decided to change my career. One of my dreams when I was young was to be a teacher, so I followed my heart! I studied and got an Early Childhood Education degree from Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops. When I’m not teaching, I love playing some musical instruments, playing lots of sports, and cooking!

When I was young, I had many opportunities to learn a lot of sports and musical instruments. Often, teachers asked me to help other classmates who were struggling with these skills. In doing so, I discovered that I had a passion for teaching and encouraging people. My ways of teaching some skills made people happy, and I was also happy when my classmates smiled after they overcame their challenges. Also, some of my aunts and uncles are teachers, so I grew up in educational environments, admiring their vocation. These experiences deepened my desire to be an educator.

I observe each child’s learning styles, motivations, and interests. Then I try to encourage, guide, and support them. And I also try to catch children’s reactions and think about how I can extend their interests.

I love learning each child’s personality and their own ways to learn new skills and then encouraging them. When children overcome their challenges and finally do something by themselves, I feel so happy. These moments of children’s smiles and feelings of pleasure are my favorite things!

Taco rice! It is one of the popular and famous dishes in Okinawa Island. There are many North American cultural influences in Okinawan, and Taco rice is one of them. Instead of using Taco shells, we use rice. Rice, melted cheese, Taco meat, fresh lettuce and tomatoes! Ma-san!! (Yummy in Okinawan.)

It would be a breathing underwater super power! Swimming is one of my favourite things when I want to be relaxed. So I want to have the power to breathe under the water!

I like running, exercising, swimming, playing tennis and skimboarding! I am active and enthusiastic about many sports. I’m also good at teaching running and swimming skills!