Sabine Sommer (She/Her)


From a young age I knew my path in life was headed towards helping people. I began narrowing that down when I started my post secondary education. I began to think back on my childhood and tried to understand why I am the way that I am, and what helped to cultivate and inform me. It was then I realized the power of what it meant to help the next generation and the future after that. It amazed me to think how my actions and connection to young children have the ability to change what they will understand to be their future and how they live in it.

I believe that the most important step is the building and fostering of relationships between the child and educator. Without a trusting relationship it is impossible to learn; we must first develop a foundation in which we all can flourish. I believe that every moment should be lived to the fullest potential, because you never know what moments are going to stick with the children both subconsciously and consciously forever. I believe that children are the leaders of their interests and they are constantly showing us what they are truly interested in. From there it is our job to scaffold their understanding and build their interests into higher learning.

I love their ability to explore the world through their own lenses and interests. Their youthful joy and honesty allow me to take different perspectives on things and keep my mind in check. Partnered together we are able to explore new depths and understandings of the world around us.

My favourite pastimes include playing rugby, going to the beach, and camping. I started playing rugby when I was 12 years old, was the captain of my school team and played in the Provincial Regional Championships and B.C. Summer Games. It was through rugby I learned the meaning of passion, dedication and leadership.

My favourite podcast to listen to is ‘Invisibilia’. It is all about the unseeable forces that come together to make up our beliefs, emotions, and who we are.