Sucina Tsang(She/Her)


I am the kind of teacher who embraces diversity in the classroom and respects the individual differences of students. One who inspires and empowers students but will not define them by their academic skills. One who sees things from the student’s perspective and intends to maximize their potential. I strongly believe that education should go beyond memorization and repetition, so I always aim to foster creativity and critical thinking skills in students. I strive to create a safe, inclusive learning environment that ensures every child receives equal opportunities to participate, where hard work and creativity are praised just as much as academic achievements.

Aside from teaching, I am also passionate about traveling and photography. I was born an explorer and adventurer. I can see myself being a full time traveler and content creator. If you don’t find me teaching, you would probably meet me in a foreign place, posing in front of a tripod.

I hope my students remember the laughter and happiness we shared. All the heartfelt moments, whether they are joyful or sad, are memorable lessons worth revisiting. With the adventures we had together, I hope they remember me as a teacher who was supportive and made a lasting impact in their childhood.

I enjoy solo traveling and discovering new places at my own pace. All I need is a camera and a backpack (maybe a nice dress too) and I am ready to hop on any adventures the world has to offer.

I wish I had the power of teleportation so I could zap myself everywhere in a blink. Maybe I could even start a delivery business with that superpower!