Tarah Feldman-Lloyd (She/Her)


Working with children reminds me of what’s important to me in this world. They remind me of my commitment to being present – to slow down and relish in the beauty of the here and now. I love that I always know where I stand with them – they remind me that I can show up as I am and to accept others as they are. They remind me to feel deeply, to stay curious, and to fight against the systems that tell us there’s only one right way. I am grateful for their smiles and hugs that brighten my days!

I hope they remember that they were consistently met with love, unconditionally. I hope they take from our relationship that teachers can be humble and students can be experts; that their opinion matters and that it will – that they will – transform the world.

I want to own and run a restaurant with my husband, and nourish our community with delicious food and cool vibes! My retirement dream is to explore the world in an RV – living with just the necessities, on no schedule, discovering diverse cultures, peoples, and foods.

I love hanging by myself, listening to music on my patio in the sun, or curled up on the couch with a cup of tea and a good book or show when the weather turns cool. I love to explore people, places, and things, and capture their essence by photograph. I’m passionate about really getting to know people – learning their unique stories and connecting over our shared humanness – all the while creating a space for them to show up just as they are. I am fortunate to have enjoyed traveling much of the world, and there’s still so much more I seek to cover. My husband is my favourite adventure partner; we’ve recently enjoyed many long walks exploring locally by foot and by taste…an adventure with us isn’t an adventure without at least one stop for a coffee, treat, or meal! 

My current passion project is decorating my home! I discovered a love of plants during Covid – getting to experience nature when we were stuck inside was soothing and spotting new baby buds brought me so much joy and the reminder of regrowth. During that time, I became especially attuned to how my physical environment impacts how I feel. I love being able to create different vibes using lighting, candles, incense, and music, and to share that with the people I love!