Tom Balog

I am currently completing my Communications Degree at Capilano University in North Vancouver. I was born in Calgary, AB, where I lived for most of my life. In the past, I studied Holistic Nutrition and taught youth classes on healthy eating. I enjoy variety in life- I have worked in the cryptocurrency industry, produced my stand-up comedy show, sold art, traveled to over 15 countries, and worked in micro-breweries.

I wanted to be involved with Nido de Montessori to build valuable skills and help grow a new business. I have previous experience teaching at a Montessori school in Calgary, and I think the environment that Montessori creates for learning is fantastic, and what Nido is doing is even more exciting.

I am a massive fan of mycology and love all types of mushrooms. Being on the West Coast, there is an enormous variety of wild, edible mushrooms and chanterelles are one of my favorites. If you were to offer me a dish with fresh wild mushrooms, it would be hard for me to say no!

If I could have any superpower, I would choose to be able to decompose plastic into the soil with a lightning bolt that shoots out of my finger.

My favorite pastimes include surfing, hanging out with friends, learning about plants, stand up comedy, and biking around Vancouver.