Our Approach

At Nido, our passion is to support children’s development through nurturing supportive and loving relationships with children, families and our greater community. Nido places values on children’s social, emotional and academic growth. Individuality and diversity are celebrated in our community, which contributes to the social and emotional growth of our students.

Our curriculum is designed to respond to students' unique interests and developmental needs. Nido harmoniously blends concept driven, inquiry based learning and the exploration of carefully selected Montessori materials. We value the processes involved in learning, rather than simply focusing on a final product. Our curriculum equips children with transferable life skills, and intentionally provides children with authentic opportunities to strengthen skill sets and dispositions towards the pursuit of lifelong learning. This includes critical thinking, problem solving, analytical, research, and effective communication capabilities. “Big Ideas” drive our inquiries and are grounded in investigating concepts such as change, relationships and community. These concepts endure, and can be revisited time and time again in order to reflect the inevitable shifts in society and environments.

Foundational literacy and numeracy are explored through concrete and meaningful learning experiences. We nurture the development of language through purposeful interactions with the children throughout the day. Whether it is during a conversation over a lunchtime meal, or while delving into an inquiry with classmates, language is woven into the very fabric of our curriculum.

Core Values

Safe and Loving Environment.

We are dedicated to nurturing a safe and loving environment that supports the development of confidence, compassion, intelligence and independence. First and foremost, we do this by building trusting relationships with each child and their family. Together, we work to support children within the classroom and in their home environment. We balance our daily interactions through care, love and consistent boundaries. We believe classroom experiences should foster intelligence and nourish children’s imagination and natural curiosity. We recognize that each child’s learning path is unique, and thus we tailor our curriculum and environment to reflect this. Our classroom environment evolves with children’s complex growth, and guides them to achieve their full potential.

Real World Application of Learning

In our nest of learning, we believe life skills can be discovered and cultivated in every moment by students, teachers, parents and guests. These skills are profound and transferable to the world outside the classroom and include problem solving, independence, concentration, and social and emotional adaptability. We encourage children to take personal responsibility through maintaining the wellbeing of our physical space, being responsive to their peers’ needs, and fostering their self awareness of how one’s actions impact our community. This promotes the development of inner confidence and prepares them to become contributing members of our ever changing society.

Tailored, Multi-Sensorial Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to scaffold children’s understanding through individualized, concrete experiences as they work towards developing conceptual reasoning and creative expression. We recognize and respect that children’s approach to learning is unique and multi-sensorial. As such, we intentionally expose them to materials and experiences that attract and stimulate their senses from a variety of sources and contexts. This includes exploring and playing in our garden, listening and participating during group gatherings, dynamic conversations during meal times and interacting with various tactile and visual qualities in the classroom. We also respect children’s need to relax their minds and bodies, consolidate their experience from the morning’s work, and recharge the rest of the day.

Social Emotional and Cognitive Development

It is critical to empower children with the tools to overcome and learn from the adversities they may be confronted with in our complicated world. We believe our daily interactions with one another model social and emotional awareness. We demonstrate positive self expression, how to respond to difficult situations when they arise, and ways we can problem solve together. We guide children to develop strategies to overcome conflicts; we coach them through dialogue and encourage them to use the power of language to communicate their feelings and arrive at shared solutions. We believe it is imperative to recognize when we’ve made mistakes, acknowledge that mistakes are an integral part of the learning process, and accept them as we reflect on future growth.

Responsive to Students’ Interests

Our curriculum follows children’s natural curiosity as it unfolds in conversations, wonderings and dialogue. We believe in the importance of being in tune to their interests and ideas to then guide them to connect their learning with the outside world. We aim to instill a passion for lifelong learning by celebrating the learning process, and not simply measuring the end result.