Jennifer Li (She/Her)


I believe that teachers should be genuine, loving, and intentional. By gearing the way we teach to meet each individual child’s needs based on their interests, comfort, and sense of readiness, children can learn in a way that is effortless and fun. I am flexible and am always intently responsive to move accordingly to the needs of the children based on the context of each moment.

I love how genuine children are. That they wear their hearts on their sleeves and that they are all unique in their own ways. They are ultimately also our teachers as they remind us to live and bask in the wonders of the present moment, whatever that’s on a child’s mind—whatever knowledge she/he may have, they will share it openly and without hesitation.

I am inspired and motivated by the well-being of others. I love to see people thriving—whether it’s a child eating very well or learning new skills or even celebrating the improvements of friends and colleagues. There is something uplifting about supporting and caring for other people.

I have lots of fun creating fruit platters. From my past experience as a sushi chef plus the variety of colours of fruits available at grocery stores, I can create vibrant fruit platters that are healthy, artistic, and fun to look at!

I would love to have the ability to heal myself and others. To share positive energy to heal mental wounds and have the ability to heal any physical harm/sickness. I believe that would be the most amazing and helpful superpower.